Friday, May 14, 2010

BUNKFACE New Album - Phobia Phoney

Good news to all fans out there Bunkface, Bunkface has released their latest album called Phobia Phoney.

Among the hit songs that are in their most recent album is such as Situasi, Ekstravaganza, Revolusi, Bunk Anthem, Prom Queen, and includes five NEW songs.

Congratulations for Bunkface for making such a good music & fans!
Support local music! 

BUNKFACE! Hey ho, let's go!

Here, I include a link to your download their latest album. Just click on song name to download.
BUNKFACE - Phobia Phoney (2010)
 2.  Prom Queen
 3.  Revolusi
 4.  Soldier
 6.  Dunia
 8.  Situasi
 9.  You And Me

or download the album with just one click.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (entire album).

P/S : If you really want this album, buy the ORIGINAL. Support our local music.

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